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Service & Maintenance

ATU Wastewater service technicians are HEALTH DEPARTMENT APPROVED and equipped to service:

  • Aquarius
  • Biomax
  • BioSystems 2000
  • BioSeptic Performa
  • Clearwater Compact 90
  • Aqua-Nova
  • FujiClean
  • Graf Australia
  • BioCycle
  • Krystal Kleer
  • Magnesium Tech
  • Ozzi Kleen
  • Taylex Industries
  • Barracuda

Wastewater treatment systems can only be serviced by qualified wastewater service personnel. Unlicensed personnel are not allowed to service any treatment system by State Law anywhere in Australia. Wastewater treatment systems (WTS) need to be routinely services to ensure the system is operating at its optimal performance.

Trillions of living organisms that make up a complete ecological system. They need monitoring and periodic attention for the well being of the colony. Nurturing the right colony is our priority at ATU Wastewater Systems.

Our service team will attend to and monitor your WTS to ensure that it is always operating at peak performance, producing water that is returning to the environment as the cleanest and best quality water (effluent) that it can produce.

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ATU Wastewater are Western Australia’s premier distributor of Taylex Tanks.

We are preferred service agents for the following systems: