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Taylex Commercial Systems

Taylex Commercial Advanced Blower Systems (CABS) start from 5,000Lt per day to 50,000Lt per day.

These CABS systems are a scaled up version of our proven domestic Taylex ABS system with each module has a total design capacity of 5,000 litres per day.

The systems are installed in parallel for daily flows exceeding 5,000 litres to form a reliable, cost effective commercial treatment system.

Some benefits of the CABS Modular system include:

  • The system capacity can be increased by installing addition modules.
  • The investment in each module is cost competitive.
  • Installation times as short as one day.
  • Maintenance costs are low as the systems are robust and easy to access with only 4 moving parts.
  • The monolithic tank design gives a strong wheel like design, where all compartment walls are cast in one up to the lid, preventing cross-contamination of effluent.
  • The design capacity of every chamber provides a large buffer zone against overloading.
  • When installed in multiple modules, if one system breaks down, it will not affect the operation of the remaining system.

Taylex Tanks – they make em tough!

Listed below are some of the criteria that you should be considering when purchasing a treatment system.