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Taylex Concrete ABS

Suitable for a 1 to 6 bedroom home (Up to 8 bedrooms in Qld)

The ABS system is the culmination of more than 15 years of practical field testing.

Taylex has used its 40 plus years of knowledge and refined many systems to create the ABS. The ABS is a simple system based on the best designed tank shell on the Australian market.

Below is a set of points outlining what you should be looking for when purchasing a treatment system.

Please read the “Effluent quality of a treatment plant” first, this section is helpful and will guide you in the right direction.

Taylex Tanks – they make em tough!

Listed below are some of the criteria that you should be considering when purchasing a treatment system.
The effluent quality of a treatment system

As part of every treatment plant’s state accreditation each treatment system has to be independently tested for a six month period. After the testing is completed, the system is then categorised into a grade of effluent that it has achieved.

There are four grades of effluent – Primary, Secondary, Advanced Secondary and Advanced Secondary with Nutrient Removal.

Listed below is what the ABS achieved over its official 6 month independent test period conducted by Sci Qual International to the Australian Standards.

Taylex The Company

The Company – Taylex Established 1969

Taylex is the largest and oldest producer of Home Sewage Treatment Systems in Australia.

We sell more than 2,000 treatment plants per year. Taylex is always actively looking to create better products.

In saying that, like all companies we have failures from time to time. The difference is we fix our issues.

Don’t get caught by “Fly by Night” companies, who start up one year and are gone the next.

This happens all the time and generally the reason they run away is that their product has a design fault and because they don’t now what they are doing and they have no money to fix it, which means you are left holding the baby!!

We have seen many people who have spent more money on fixing a broken tank than they spent on the original purchase price.

The physical tank construction

When purchasing a system, a lot of people do not consider the physical tank, and they should.

If we, the directors of Taylex, were looking to purchase a tank we would want one that was made out of one piece of concrete, i.e a monolithic structure and with the walls or chambers going all the way to the top of the tank…  In other words a tank constructed like the ABS shell… the reason being…

Thousands of tanks have failed in Australia due to the poor design of the tank.

When you read the fine print on the warranty, you will find that in almost all cases the external part of the tank will have a fifteen year warranty (as per the Australian standard), but the internal baffles / walls do not.

These internal walls usually fail because they are made of fibreglass, or the concrete walls are siliconed, mortared or epoxied in.

This problem is so wide spread in our industry that some waste removal companies will make owners sign an “all care but no responsibility” waiver. This problem affects both plastic and concrete tanks and to replace a wall will cost thousands!!!

To our knowledge, Taylex has never had one of our monolithic tanks fail in the field. We have been building these tanks for more than 15 years.  Our policy is “if one breaks on you, we will give you a new tank”.

No-one has ever taken us up on the offer – because we build ’em tough!

Some of the other common tank faults are.

  • Chambers don’t go to the roof causing a cross contamination issue
  • Walls are sealed with silicone, mortars, epoxies etc
  • Fibreglass is used in internal parts of the tanks and after a time become brittle from the sewage.
  • Plastic chambers are welded or bolted down.
How does the ABS system work?